Mihai Popescu General Director Elisabeta Sava

Head of Service DUS and VAU Tests, Reference Collection and Varieties Protection

Expert oil plants
dr.biolog Mirela Cindea Head of physico-chemical analysis, phytopathology and biochemistry office
ing. Mihaela Ciora 

Expert in fodder plants

ISTIS expert in relations with international organizations in the field of variety testing, registration and in varieties protection

Responsible for the official catalog Popescu Expert straw cereals Adina Bădulescu Expert in medicinal and aromatic plants, legumes for grains, textile plants, tubers and roots
ing. Victorita Marin Expert straw cereals Simion Gianina Expert in corn and sorghum for grains
Dr. ing. Cosmina Stanciu Expert in horticultural plants
ing. Aura Mîndruţă Expert in variety protection
dr. ing. Enescu Teodor Dan

Responsible for relations with international organizations in the field of testing, registration and variety protection

Expert varietie protection
ing. Mihael Roată Expert reference collection
ing. Marina Uberti Phytopathology expert